Horse racing betting and everything related to the world of horse racing is a fundamental part (or better said history) of the betting universe. Since ancient times, the adrenaline of racing and the speed of horses have always fascinated men, who can still experience these emotions today thanks to the best horse racing betting in Parimatch tz.

What is Horse Racing Betting

We are talking about one of the sports disciplines in Parimatch betting, horseback riding, which was already popular in ancient Greece and imperial Rome. Here, horse racing, especially chariot and chariot racing, was even considered an Olympic sport. Particularly in Parimatch app tz, some of the largest and most monumental structures were erected for these competitions (such as the Circus Maximus).

Over the centuries, horse racing has also entered small towns and villages (with round or round poles). In Italy, among the oldest examples of this type of horse racing. Modern horse racing originated in England in the 18th century. During this period, different types of horse racing were born – gallop, trot and obstacles – and the first bets on horse racing, as we understand them today.


Horse Racing Bet Type

Horse racing betting involves a range of markets and wagers, some of which have now become commonplace in everyday language. In order, for each race you can bet on:

VICTORY, or on the horse that will win the race;
PLACED, i.e. you win if the horse you bet on arrives in the top three (if there are eight or more starting horses, then only the first or second, if there are less than eight starting horses);
PAIRED , that is, you must guess the first two horses of the race;
TRIO (or TRIS), or rather it is about hitting the exact combination of the first three horses to cross the finish line (what is the trio of Soldatino, King and D’Artagnan talking about?).
There are other types of bets. Among the best known are the fourth (where you have to guess the first four classified horses) and the fifth (the first five).

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Betting In Any Case
Very popular in England, one-way (both-way) bets are a type of bet that involves winning both the winning horse and the horse that was placed.

Running Types: Trot & Gallop
There are two types of racing: trot and gallop. The galloping trot is characterized by the two-stroke gait of the horse (depending on the position of the limbs on the ground). In this way, the horse reaches a speed that can reach 55 km / h. At the trot, the jockey (or rider) assumes a sullen position to control the horse’s gait.

On the other hand, the racing canter, by definition, refers to the natural gait of a horse that is essentially at a gallop. Here you can even accelerate to 80 km / h.