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Parimatch Football is THE sport for sports betting. In the following article we would like to give you a precise overview of the current range of online football bets and also name some football betting providers with whom, according to our sports betting experience, you will have the best chances of high profits for your bets on football . 

What can you place your football bets on online?

Parimatch Betting

Football bets are known as 3-way bets or win bets . You choose a game outcome and place your stake on the bet. Of course, the betting market has evolved over the years, so that in addition to live bets on the course of the game, there are also long-term and additional bets available before kick-off. While live betting is self-explanatory, long-term bets are a great alternative to the classic betting slips every weekend. As a prime example, let’s cite Leicester City’s surprise title win, which netted some UK sports fans more than €20,000. We expressly recommend this type of bet, as you will be given new betting options on possible transfers or upcoming trainer dismissals on a daily basis.

The football betting predictions is considered in detail

Parimatch Betting

Every online bookmaker has the top leagues in their portfolio by default. These include, for example:

  • English Premier League
  • german Bundesliga
  •  Spanish Primera Division
  • Italian Serie A

The differences between bookmakers are evident in the lower leagues and on the other continents. The best of them offer their betting odds on around 70 to 80 different competitions. The South American squadrons are very well represented. The Asian leagues such as Indonesia, China, India or Vietnam, on the other hand, only have the best online betting providers in their portfolio. The same applies to African states such as Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. It is commendable that many bookies now have junior classes in their betting offerings. German football fans will certainly choose their betting providers based on the amateur portfolio. Most online providers now have matches from football derby down to premier league bets in luggage. Most of the time, however, the betting stakes and markets are somewhat limited. It can be seen that the bookies prefer amateur football regionally.

The special markets for football betting 

Football bets are not just football bets. While the market was relatively narrow in the early years and focused primarily on outright bets and long-term bets , many new branches within the specialty markets have emerged over the years . We have therefore put together a small overview of the most popular special markets for your football bets.

Parimatch Betting

Online football betting: The EM 2022 is just around the corner

If the whole of Germany is interested in football betting, then there must be a big event just around the corner. It would have been like that in 2020, or it will be in 2021. Then the postponed European Championship should take place. This is always particularly interesting for football betting experts. After all, the tournament often holds many surprises that do not exist in the Champions League or in classic league operations. There are many occasions when expert knowledge can give you an advantage: You could be the surprise nation on the bet slip of your EM bet to have. For example, anyone who had the title holder Portugal on their list at the last European Championship could look forward to a decent win. But not only long-term bets are lucrative here, goal scorer bets or the like are also fun.

Regionalliga football bets

At the other end of the German professional popularity spectrum are the regional leagues . These are therefore not immediately unpopular, only far fewer people can assess the party well. This offers even more opportunities to score points with expert knowledge. Of course, bets on regional leagues are not as widespread as bets on European Championships, but some large bookmakers are still so well positioned that they can also place the regional leagues on the betting slip. In the regional areas you will find up-and-coming youngsters and talents , but also teams that are shaking up the league with experienced “old men”. Perfect for giving one or the other niche tip and raking in the cash.

Online soccer betting vs other sports

Football is by far the most important sport in terms of sports betting . This is the case in Germany, but sports betting and football have also become inseparable in the UK and southern Europe. The entire rise of the online scene is thanks to football. Football appeals to a relatively young target group that is loyal to the sport and will not turn away from it in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the selection of football bets online has now grown so much that you can play games around the world 24/7be available. However, the focus of European bookmakers is clearly on European club football, which is why most betting options are also offered for English, German, Spanish, Italian and French football. In principle, your sports betting provider should have at least the first two divisions of the top 20 European nations listed in their portfolio. This is the absolute standard in our sports betting experience. In addition, women’s football bets are also becoming increasingly popular and are on the rise , especially thanks to the initiative of the English Premier League . Since we are talking about the most popular sport when it comes to football, no bookmaker can do without it.So you will hardly have to ask the question “Does the online bookmaker offer football bets?”, but rather “How many football bets am I offered?” In addition, the wealth of additional information about the bets is gigantic. There are bookmakers parimatch bet apk download tz with extremely detailed statistics and information about football. You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of this below.

Parimatch Betting