More and more bettors are choosing to bet on esports or e-sports (or video games) organized on a competitive and professional level to promote true continental and international tournaments with millions in prize pools.

The increase in the number of various online tournaments in recent years has also attracted the attention of Parimatch esports betting, who now promote matches of various championships in CSGO betting, League of Legends (known to the general public under the acronym for LoL betting), Dota 2 betting, FIFA, Overwatch and other video games in their schedules.


The eSports betting trend has also taken off in Africa, where the number of teams taking part in various worldwide tournaments across a wide range of video games is on the rise. Meanwhile, more and more online betting sites are looking to offer the most esports events and odds.

Odds And Payouts On An eSports Betting Parimatch

So far, we have seen a 360-degree view of the world of esports betting. Now we just need to see what are the odds and relative payouts of Parimatch operating in the AAMS regulated Tanzania esports market.

Parimatch Esports Betting, Most Famous Titles

Even though the esports category in Parimatch Tanzania was recently introduced, it has benefited from a boom in terms of betting. This is due to the numerous international tournaments followed by millions of fans around the world. If you have never had the opportunity to observe them, you may be puzzled by what they are made of.


But there is a community in constant and revolutionary expansion that likes to focus on video game champions.

According to a recent article published in the well-known online technology magazine Tom’s Hardware, the most famous video games today are:

  • fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Counter-Striker Global Offensive
  • Starcraft 2
  • rainbow 6
  • Overwatch
  • call of Duty
  • PUBG
  • home
  • heroes of the storm
  • cricket betting

According to industry experts, the global esports industry will generate about $2 billion in revenue in 2022. This is a very large figure, but still small compared to classic sports such as football or basketball.


It will take some time for esports to become more profitable, like most traditional sports, but in the future it is clear that all this will happen.

With the growth rate of esports, this sector is likely to overtake so-called secondary sports such as rugby for example.

eSports Betting, Conclusions

Although the esports trend in Africa is only at the beginning of a long journey that will in all likelihood take it to levels of fame in other European countries (but also the US and Asian countries), now all betting sites offer their players the opportunity to bet on esports.

Among the most popular games for betting on video game tournaments, we can mention Dota 2 and, of course, League of Legends, which has already become a classic of the schedules of the best AAMS bookmakers in Africa.

Many of them offer the option to bet also in the game or play live, perhaps while watching the streaming of the same games you are betting on. In addition, there are many other media platforms that broadcast every esports league on a daily basis.

In short, whether you want to play various real-time strategy video games or want to try eSports betting, there are options for you.