The role of esports in the market Parimatch is steadily growing, so it is not surprising that its popularity among bookmakers is growing. The League of Legends game should be named first in the betting rankings, followed by StarCraft 2. In our opinion, Dota 2 follows in third place. The game is still relatively young, but it inspires millions of gamers every day.

Types of Dota 2 bets – What Dota 2 bets do bookmakers offer?


The range of bets on Dota 2 is as diverse as the course of the popular game can be. Dota 2 competitions are built in such a way that bookmakers have a large number of options. Of course, you can bet on individual match winners and tournament winners. On the other hand, there are usually special betting options for major tournaments such as the World Cup (The International) and various major tournaments in certain regions. We have put together some sample special bets in this list:

  • Reach the final
  • winner region
  • group of winners
  • Match Handicap
  • Card 1 = Winner
  • Card 2 = Winner
  • Accurate card bill
  • Total number of cards per match
  • Win at least one card

bet on dota 2

Best bookmakers for Dota 2 betting 2022

The most important point in this guide is of course the introduction of potentially good providers with whom you can bet on Dota 2 esports. In the esports sector, many new bookmakers have entered the market in recent years and have entered the top in many ranking lists. 10 or top 5. The fact that they mainly have a young target audience is due to the fact that video games are mostly consumed by young people. The situation is different, for example, with online football betting. The following two bookmakers provide you with a good overall Dota 2 betting package and will definitely give you a lot of fun in the future. The first place is taken by a well-known and highly regarded bookmaker, but real insider tips follow in the second and third place.

Our Tips for Successful Dota 2 Betting


As attractive as Dota 2 betting odds are, we only recommend betting if you have really figured out your opponents beforehand.
Tip 1: Stay up to date!
You should already know which players are on the team and what their special strengths are. There are countless Dota 2 information portals on the Internet, where you will definitely find the necessary statistics and balances.
Tip 2: Don’t leave tips about events you don’t like!
You should already be a certain type of player, understand the game Dota 2 and ideally belong to a community of active players yourself. It also helps to follow live events so you can always follow the progress of the game. It also allows for targeted real-time betting, a method that is very popular in many places for making good profits quickly.
Tip 3: Pay attention to the shape of the players!
It is important that you take into account the curves of the players a little when betting real money in Dota 2. This point is often neglected. Computer games are built not on luck, but on skill. The best players train for several hours every day. If the concentration is not correct, the desired results will not be achieved. At the same time, esports – in our case, Dota 2 – is no different from “regular” sporting events.

Can I clear the bonus when betting on Dota 2?

Betting on Dota 2 fully contributes to unlocking bonuses in almost all bookmakers. The only thing that matters here is that you are not making long-term bets to unlock the Dota 2 betting bonus. In this case, the evaluation period may conflict with the playthrough requirements. On the other hand, betting tips for individual meetings are recommended. In all bookmakers where eSports and therefore also Dota 2 bets are regularly found in the betting program, you can use Dota 2 betting bonuses in reverse. For example, if you receive a free bet for your loyalty, a popular way to reward customers with many providers, in most cases you can spend it on Dota 2 bets. And that is why we want to show you the different betting options that are available to you.

Live betting on Dota 2 – what you should pay attention to

Some bookmakers also offer live betting. Some even offer you live streams that you can watch directly and place live bets at the same time. However, make sure the betting markets are of course somewhat limited. In most cases, you can bet on Team A or Team B to win and draw. Other betting markets sometimes exist, such as handicap betting, correct score, card winner, or no draw betting.