Now, with everything we’ve said, do you want to start betting on CS: GO? So, you are on the right page, because we not only recommend and talk about the best bets on CS: GO, but we also like to help you get better at it. With a lot of experience behind us, we were able to focus on the most important details to master the betting market.

So, don’t miss everything we want to tell you, as we want to tell you not only about the different types of bets on CS:GO, but also the system you can use, real-time betting, game and tournament odds and of course the best way to improve your CS:GO betting.

Here is everything you need to be the next esports master in Italy, so let’s go!

CS:GO  Betting at Parimatch

There are dozens of esports betting markets available on Parimatch TZ. This is a great bookmaker for fans of CS:GO, LoL and other games, offering a wide range of pre-match and in-game bets.


There are a number of ongoing promotions and welcome bonuses in Parimatch apk, including free bets or free bets and increased odds.

Pros :

High odds for eSports betting
It supports payments with PayPal
Sports betting app
Minuses :

No live broadcasts
Not a very user friendly site

CS:GO Betting options

On CS:GO, as in all other esports games, there are many specific types of bets that cannot be applied to any other sport. We are talking about particularities of the game itself, where unique markets and odds stand out. Below, we want to talk to you about what exactly these bets are. We always recommend that you check them out, as they represent the essence of CS: GO. The options are:

  1. Bets on the result
  2. Futures
  3. Correct score
  4. Betting on killing (for example, “Murder with Molotov Cocktail”)
  5. Winner of a specific round
  6. Wagering on a specific team to win a certain number of rounds first
  7. Bet on a specific team that will get the most kills in the match

Betting systems

It is necessary to have a betting system when placing bets, because without a proper system, you will never be able to maintain a winning streak or consistency of winning bets. Furthermore, a betting system serves to minimize your risks, as well as guide you towards controlled play.


The best betting systems on CS:GO rely on the individual knowledge of each bettor and not too much on the obvious. That is why it is essential that you first learn what every aspect of gaming and betting is all about. In this way, you will be able to impose a safe and reliable system, as well as get exactly the winnings you have always wanted.

Betting in real time

Did you know that real time betting (also called “live betting”) is the most used type of bet in sports? The same is applied in esports betting, which obviously also includes CS: GO. Unlike other sports, esports have a huge online community that knows how to get around and how to use the latest web features.

Since everything happens online in esports, it is natural for them to dominate the markets in real time. In these markets, bettors have a much better chance of using their knowledge to their advantage. This has created many promotions and events at the best betting sites, which not only offer odds and markets but also live (real-time) streams of big tournaments.

CS:GO odds

In the world of CS: GO odds, it’s the one who knows the game best who calls the shots. CS: GO betting sites will increasingly be forced to shift their odds in a similar way to other sports, which creates a balance between the site itself and what bettors want. But the truth is that eSports belong to a new sports category that already has many experts, who know how to predict the results of matches and events thanks to their passion for the game.

This is why it is always interesting to keep an eye on the odds of eSports and to understand if it is the right time to use them to your advantage.

Improve your bets

In betting, it’s almost never all about luck, because what really makes the difference is knowledge, especially when dealing with something like esports. The reason is that, considering all the games out there and all their features, betting on sports can easily become a nightmare for those who don’t know anything about it. But instead of talking about the games themselves, we want to explain to you the three main factors for keeping your bets in check.

These three factors can completely change the outcome of your bets and are perfectly suited to the betting system you choose. Let’s look at what this is all about and if they can help you win your favorite CS: GO bets!

  • Concentration : Concentration is everything, both for professional player teams and for you. In fact, you need to keep an eye on both what is happening during a match or tournament in CS: GO and your bets. Only then will you know exactly where to place your money, otherwise you will waste a lot of time unnecessarily looking for profits that will not pay you anything.
  • Information and data : There is no expert bettor who does not know the market on which he is betting in detail. The reason is that to be an expert, you need to have all the information and data available. This is how traders who set odds on betting sites act, since they study everything that happens before, during and after each match.
  • Cover Bets : The best tip we can give at Casinoble to win big bets is to use cover bets. Hedging bets divide your money into real-time bets and only place it in winning odds. Of course, hedging bets won’t make you a millionaire, but they do ensure you a steady profit that will be far better than a win every now and then.

Online vs. Offline

Betting offline will never be the same as betting online. When we talk about online betting, we are talking about the bets that are made on internet betting sites, which are our specialty for us at Casinoble. Not surprisingly, here at Casinoble you can find the best of every sport, online casino, casino games, bonuses and even payment methods.

Offline bets, on the other hand, are those related to traditional bookmakers. Of course, this type of betting does not have as many features as it does online and has been heavily influenced by current health conditions. Therefore, they are currently not the safest place to bet.

Bet responsibly

For us at Casinoble, there is nothing that worries us more than responsible gambling for our readers. What we want, first of all, is that anyone who visits our guides, tips and articles is in a safe and stable environment. Only then can you enjoy all the best there is in the 2022 iGaming industry.